Duchesse de Nemours
An extremely beautiful and delicate peony, it is a creamy white
  Festiva Maxima
A unique white double peony. It is pure white, with flecks of crimson.
  Boule de Niege
Double white, with a burst of bright yellow stamens in the center, and flecks of crimson on some of the inner petals.
  Mother’s Choice
A very large, beautiful, double pearly-white flower with long sturdy stems.
A blush-white double peony with large crown shaped flowers.
  Lillian Wild
Very large, off-white double. As it opens, it’s center is tinged.
  Shirley Temple
This peony has deep pink buds which become blush pink as they open.
  Sarah Bernhardt
This is by far the most popular and well known peony in cultivation.
A very fragrant, double, pale to blush-pink peony, which gradually fades to white.
  Jules Elie
This peony is a very large lovely dark rose pink, a bomb-type flower with masses.
  Gilbert Barthelot
A double peony with vivid magenta pink flowers.
  Dr. Alexander Fleming
Pink double with frothy petals, splashed with streaks of bright pink.
  Red Charm
Deep red, bomb-type double hybrid.


  Big Ben
Red double bomb type, very close to true red. Fragrant.
  Karl Rosenfield
This is a beautiful, fuchsia-red semi double, with loose petals .

Inspecteur Lavergne
Globe shaped flowers composed of many small, deep.

  Red Sarah Bernhardt
This flower has all of the wonderful qualities of the well known “Sarah Bernhardt”.
A large, distinctive peony with deep watermelon-red, globe shaped double flowers.
  Adolphe Rousseau
Double flowers which have large cardinal red petals with a satiny texture.
  Coral Charm
Beautiful semi-double peach colored peony. It is shaped like a bowl, it´s outer petals are shaded magneta, while the inner petals are shaded orange. Long, strong stems. Early.
  Coral Sunset
This is a large, evenly colored apricot flower, with long strong stems. It goes from orange-pink, to apricot, to light yellow as the days pass. Very attractive. Early.


  Henry Bockstoce
A queen of reds. Thick cardinal red petals, huge double with strong stems.
Striking yellow semi double with a hint of red in the interior. Stems temd to be a little shorter.

Buckeye Belle
Semi-double flower of a unique dark red color, which contrasts dramatically with the bright yellow stamens which alternate in between the petals. Very attractive. Early.

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