Sales in the U.S.A.

Our product arrives in Miami weekly, and is distributed from there throughout the US and Canada.  Our peonies are avaialble from mid-October to mid-January.  Please contact us at autumnpeonies@gmail.com for more information.


International Sales

We send "The World's Finest Peonies" and other floral products to many different stations all over the world.  We use air carriers to get your peonies to you as fresh and fast as possible.   Our current destinations include Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, please contact us for more information about your destination.

Peonies are available from mid-October to mid January.



In Chile:

Cut Flowers

We have fresh cut flowers from mid-October to mid January for events, weddings and your home anywhere in Chile.



Plants and Rhizomes:

Plants and rhizomes are available for transplanting beginning in May, through August. Rhizomes are shipped anywhere in Chile, sanitized and ready for planting.  Planting instructions and post sale assistance are an integral part of our service.



   During the harvest at Pilauco


   Processing variety Gardenia.

   Packaged and ready to go.